business networking tips - tassels and tastemakers 2018

Business Networking Tips You Can Use

  1. Know Your Audience
    1. Networking is one of the most important ways to give your brand exposure to consumers. The first key piece of advice when it comes to business networking is to get know your audience. It’s important to socialize and to know who you’re marketing to. Before attending an event, do your research and learn more about who will be in attendance. There’s nothing more awkward than networking without knowing your target’s network. When you introduce yourself, be sure to mention relevant topics and interests to show that you are engaged.
  2. Appear approachable
    1. Whether it’s a bar or a conference room, how you present yourself is crucial to networking. Always be aware of your facial and physical appearance when you attend a networking event. We recommend having a smile on your face and showing genuine interest when conversing with someone. These tips will go a long way when it comes to first impressions and how people will remember you after the event.
  3.  Learn how to be an asset to potential connections
    1. Although the point of business networking is to create connections and grow your brand, try not to sell. When you discuss your public relations and the importance of having good event PR, you want to be informative and casual. Ask them questions about what they think is important for their brand and be prepared to give them good advice and recommendations. This is a good way to present yourself and your PR firm as an expert in the field, but also leaves them with a lasting impression.

Make Connections

Securing the right connections can expand your business and present you with new opportunities. One of the best ways to make connections is by leaving a lasting impression during the event. Introduce yourself with a witty anecdote that speaks to your personality! Think of business networking as a way to make new friends. You do not want to appear self-centered, but more as someone who is trying to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Try not to be too serious when it comes to discussing your business – Rather, be lighthearted and talk about your favorite aspects of your company and work such as the unique people you’ve met or the creative ways you’ve worked with your clients.

Benefits of Your Networking

In addition to making new connections and strengthening your brand, business networking offer many more benefits. Not only will networking help you build confidence, but it will also give you the opportunity to build a community that can provide you with advice, mentorship, and help you build resources. As you grow and strengthen your brand, you become qualified to give sound advice to potential connections while also exchanging advice regarding your industry and business goals.

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