Modern Luxury Weddings commissioned us to produce a photo shoot for a 6-page spread in their California magazine issue. Our concept was inspired by incorporating food as a design element in your wedding tablescape. Our caterer created colorful dishes that matched specific color schemes, including a citrus wedding table, jewel tone table, and pastel tablescape, all designed by our team and our vendor partners. We were so excited to work with Modern Luxury Weddings on this photo shoot – they are one of our favorites! The first table’s pastel color scheme exemplifies elegance, which is what we were going for with this look! The centerpiece’s pink, purple, and cream-colored roses were a classic look to a stunning tablescape. The appetizer course was served to match this pastel theme. Our chef went with a pretty beet dish to start the meal. The citrus wedding table displays vibrant colors, such as oranges and yellows, creating beautiful, warm color tones and an inviting ambiance. We adored the citrus-inspired centerpieces and especially loved the individual names written on real oranges, serving as place cards – Who knew place cards could be so delicious!? By adding small pops of purple to the citrus-colored table, the combination of contrasting colors is eye-capturing. To match this design, our chef created a citrus and grilled shrimp entree. The jewel tone dessert table displays purple flowers and magenta ribbons, adding texture as well as elegantly complementing the greenery across the table. The similarly vibrant food colors beautifully tie into the purple and yellow color palette of this table. A chocolate and berry dessert was the perfect complement to this jewel-tone design! We loved all of the textures, colors, and foods visible on all three tables and the way they told a story along with the food. This photo shoot wonderfully displays how food can be marvelous design elements – perfect for the magazine!