We produced this chic floral engagement party shoot in Florida for a feature on Rue Magazine. The subdued but colorful color palette kept the tablescape fresh and we worked with floral, design, and fashion clients to make everything come together. A combination of blue napkins, delicately flowered plates, translucent rose glasses, and rustic silverware set the dark wood high table for an elegant group luncheon. A blue cloth ran through the middle of the table, complimenting the dark blue candles and highlighting the pops of color in the centerpiece arrangements. With tiny berries, white roses, and far-reaching stems, the florals looked like they had been grown in a secret garden! A unique touch in the layout was the menu – a paper pouch lettered in gold that actually held the bread appetizer. Can you say #delicous?! Similar accents of gold were found in the candlestick bases, flower vases, and the hand-lettered place cards to tie together the elegant feel. This tablescape was both elegant and fresh, with every detail seamlessly entwined into the grand picture to create a beautifully light and chic party! The inspiration could be used for engagement parties, bridal showers, and even wedding day decor. We loved seeing this romantic entertaining feature on Rue Magazine!