Modern Luxury Weddings commissioned us to produce a color story for a 6-page spread in the magazine. Our 3 concepts were ombre, monochromatic, and color-blocked designs. With bold linens, quirky rentals, and incredible florals, all three tablescapes came together beautifully! We truly enjoyed working on these three concepts for the magazine. In the first set of photos, the ombre wedding table took center stage. It consisted of cream, pink, and red color tones that all flowed beautifully together – the countless roses added intricate texture to the overall design! From the designs seen on the tablecloth, the floral patterns on the dishware, to the stunning floral centerpieces, this tablescape is one of our favorites of all time! The different shades of pink handwritten menus placed on each plate further ties together the overall theme of this ombré concept. The monochromatic theme, which combined different shades and tones of green, is a purely ornate look that we adored. The beautifully lush green centerpieces consisted of various floral and leafy plants and the wood chairs placed around the table further ties together the green, earthy vibe that this concept exemplifies. Placed in the center of the table are multiple tall candlesticks, displaying elegance and further alluding to a woodsy and whimsical setting despite the more modern backdrop. Finally, he color-blocked concept projects beautiful yellow, red, and blue shades, all greatly complementing each other in a cool and unexpected way. From the various floral patterns on the tablecloth to the flowers themselves, this tablescape displays an array of gorgeous colors. The gold silverware along with the translucent gold and white plates work perfectly with the yellow and purple glasses. All three tablescapes demonstrate opulent, stylish, and picturesque scenes in which we loved to help create for the magazine!