How A PR Firm Can Help You Land Clients - Be Inspired PR

The goal of any PR firm and marketing strategy is to grow your business. How exactly do these strategies work? We’re explaining why a public relations firm can be critical in booking new business.

Reach Your Ideal Client

The first way a PR firm can help you land clients is by showcasing your work to new audiences. Our wedding public relations services are designed to get your work published in top wedding & lifestyle publications. Readers of those publications may be discovering your work for the first time!

Therefore, we work with you to come up with a targeted outlet list that will appeal to your ideal client. Whether your audience is a bohemian budget bride or a stay-at-home mom, we’ll find the best outlets to reach them.

Create Brand Awareness

Next, another way a PR firm can help you land clients is by creating brand awareness for your business. Regular press features for your brand lead to increased name recognition and brand awareness. This can help your brand be top-of-mind the next time a potential client is in need of your product or services.

Develop Trust & Credibility

Lastly, a PR firm can help you develop trust and credibility with your ideal client. A brand that is talked about in the media and looked to as an expert in the industry is a brand that your client can trust. In addition, press can build credibility. Think about the brands you admire – Do they have a press page on their website? Chances are, the answer is yes! By sharing where they’ve been published, they automatically position themselves as a credible source.

We always recommend to our wedding PR clients that they add a press section to their websites. It’s also important to share your press features on social media! Customers won’t know you’re credible until you tell them why they should trust you.

Are you interested in working with a PR firm to book more business? Reach out to us about our PR, social, and coaching options today!