Is your company considering a rebrand? Read on for our PR firm’s advice on how to make your branding work for you and help you attract your ideal client.

What Kind of Client Do You Want to Attract?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before rebranding is what kind of client are you looking to attract? What is their style, education level, household income, values, etc. As a PR firm, we can help you determine the answers to these questions. Most people think branding all starts with the design… but branding starts with knowing your ideal client, and designing for them! The design and each important aspect of the rebrand can then flow from that. It’s also important to consider how your ideal client can help YOU and your brand. They should place value in your service or product – this type of person will be easier for you to market to because they already see value in what you are providing.

What Are Your Overall Business Goals?

You should also keep in mind what your business goals are; an ideal client should be someone who can help push your business forward in the direction you’re leaning towards. It helps to be as specific as possible about who you are and what your brand provides – the more specific you are, the easier it is for you to attract the type of client you’re looking for by focusing on a more narrow target market. Another great tip is to study your past clients. Who have you worked with where the relationship was fantastic? What characteristics were present that helped to foster a good working relationship? Who have you worked with where things didn’t go so well? What happened to create a negative outcome? Answering these questions about past clients can help you to understand what traits you already know and love in clients, and what traits haven’t worked well in the past (and therefore, what to try to steer away from).

A PR Firm’s Advice on Client Attraction

The last important step is to consider not just WHO you’re trying to attract, but HOW you’re trying to attract them. Consider all different marketing approaches, and study your ideal client and how they like to receive information. Marketing towards them in a way they already veer towards takes you one step closer to booking them as a new client. These tips are sure to help you in landing your new perfect client!

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