Through my public relations experience, I have found that communication is key and the way that you communicate is even more important. The best quality an expert communicator can have is the ability to listen with the intent to understand, versus listening with the intent to respond. This is put into practice in a variety of ways – Not interrupting, asking follow up questions, repeating statements to further clarify/understanding, and keeping a calm and collected demeanor despite the circumstance. Communication skills are important both in business and in life, and perfecting these skills will help you to excel in both areas.

Excellent communication can help to enhance your professionalism, and it can also boost your productivity and efficiency. Good communication skills can promote a healthy and positive atmosphere in the workplace. Communication skills take time to perfect, so this is something you should work on constantly to be able to make improvements. One approach is to ask for honest feedback. This can help you to improve in ways you might not have thought of on your own, and to understand where your strengths lie. Another great way to see how you can improve is by recording yourself. For example, record yourself speaking during your next meeting at work. You can then go back and watch yourself to see how you communicated and to watch what you could have handled better – did you provide clear answers to questions? Did you listen attentively when others were speaking? Were you intentional and precise when you provided discussion topics? If you notice any areas where you could improve, you can make notes to yourself to better understand which areas you’ll need to work on. Ultimately, communication skills are one of the most important assets you’ll have in business and in life – following these tips will lead you to success!

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