pr outreach


Most brands know how important PR is, but many don’t realize all that goes into PR outreach! This can be such an important step in getting your brand to the level of recognition you’re looking for, both among your industry peers and among your audience of new potential clients. As experts in the PR industry, we’re here to give you tips to make sure you’re fully prepared.

What Is PR Outreach?

PR outreach involves pitching your brand, event, product, or service to media outlets. It’s a great way to get exposure for you and your brand by utilizing outlets that will be able to reach your ideal audience. Whether you are an established brand looking to stay on top in your industry, or a newer brand looking to gain exposure and reach potential new clients, PR can help to improve your brand recognition.

Tips for Organizing your Outreach Efforts

One of the first things to do before you start your PR outreach efforts is to make a list of the types of outlets you’re looking to be published in. Where would your ideal audience be looking to find your content? What outlets will best represent you and your brand? What outlets publish content that is most similar to you and your brand? Once you answer these questions, it will give you a better idea of where to start! You’ll also want to gather all of the information regarding the event, product, or service you’re looking to publish. This would include things like a list of all vendors involved, or a full description of the product or service you’re providing. If you already have these materials in order, it will make sending a PR pitch a seamless process for both you and the outlet.

How Do I Get Started?

One of the benefits of hiring a PR firm to handle your PR outreach for you is that they have already created a network of relationships with your favorite media outlets! You simply have to provide the information, and the firm will take care of the rest to give you success! Be Inspired PR customizes each PR plan to every client’s needs, so we can help you to track your goals based on what your brand needs. Contact us today to learn more about the PR services we can offer you and your brand!