The Importance of PR Pitches: Tips from a Top PR Firm

Public Relations is more than just writing press releases. In fact, PR firms, and the clients they represent, have a major impact and are extremely impressionable on media. If you think about how many PR pros are out there, and how many pitches journalists have to sift through each day, you can imagine why your pitches have to stand out amongst the rest, and why it is imperative that the relationships you make with media outlets make all the difference on landing great press. At Be Inspired PR, we have developed an effective strategy that has landed our projects and our clients’ work outstanding features and great coverage across all media outlets! Some pointers that we have found beneficial throughout the process are:

Know Your Audience, And Know Your Outlet

When you spend time researching outlets – their overall aesthetic, type of coverage, their sound – You will have more success in getting your PR pitches picked up that cater to that specific outlet. Aimlessly sending out pitches to outlets that are not relevant to your brand or your given topics will land you a one-way ticket to the Spam folder. Once you are able to get a grasp of an outlet’s brand, you can better design a targeted pitch that will spark a journalist or an editor’s interest.

Make it Fit

Now that you’ve looked into what an outlet is all about, allow the editor to see their sound in your pitch! No two pitch emails should sound the same if they are going to different outlets. Tailor your pitch to show the ways that your brand suits whatever subject the journalist is covering. Adding personalization shows that you put in research and effort is greatly appreciated!

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

It’s common for emails to slip through the cracks, but don’t be the one to get stuck! Have a recurring reminder to follow up with an editor and make it clear why you’re reaching out. Make this follow up a shorter version of the original email, but make a point about why your pitch is relevant and useful. If the editor is interested in your pitch, they will make it a point to ask more questions about what you have mind.

Get Social!

Apart from sending out PR pitches, don’t be afraid to follow editors and some of your favorite journalists on social media! This will be an easy way to stay on top of what topics have gone live in recent press, and will make sending tailored pitches a lot easier in the future.

At Be Inspired PR, we have established relationships with editors and bloggers at top media outlets across the wedding, wellness, and lifestyle industries. From 10+ years in the business, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to write an enticing pitch, and have used those pitches to land countless press features for our clients. If you’re ready to give PR a try, send us an email today!