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As a social media management firm, we know that Instagram is a great platform for product-based companies to promote themselves. Service-based businesses, on the other hand, can have trouble coming up with great visual content. With these tips we’ve gathered, you’ll have plenty of content to share with your following in no time!


One creative idea that service-based companies can add to their social media management strategy is well-designed accolades. One of the most persuasive tools service based companies can use are accolades from past clients sharing their experience and how the service has benefited them. Publish the full accolade in the Instagram comment, but take the most powerful snippet from their quote and turn it into a well-designed quote or meme. Consumers are used to this type of format so the image will catch their eye and prompt them to read the caption for all the details!

Press Hits

Have you seen your company receive really great exposure on a top media outlet? Share the spread on your feed, with a clickable link on your bio for your audience to see and read in full. Showcasing recent press can allow your followers to build trust in your brand, as outlets begin to gain coverage over who you are and why your brand is relevant.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a beautiful way for followers to stay engaged with who they’re following, and for brands to showcase what goes on behind the scenes. Start integrating them into your overall social media management strategy! Consumers want to feel like they are a part of the entire experience, so capturing content that highlights the ins and outs of your business can help your audience understand what your brand is all about, as well as what differentiates you from your competitors.

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