online press features

Print vs. Online Press – The quintessential public relations dilemma! Many PR clients ask us which type of press is most beneficial, and the answer varies. Each type of press has different benefits! We’re diving in below to the differences between print and online press features.

Print Press Features

Print press features are often a bucket list item for many of our clients. As the number of printed magazines dwindles, these features become more and more rare. Therefore, print placements bring a level of notoriety and credibility that online just can’t compete with!

For our wedding PR clients, print placements often come in the form of real wedding features or expert quotes. In addition, we also do a number of print magazine photoshoots each year that our wedding public relations clients participate in.

Print features are a great way to increase your brand credibility, and are fun to have on hand so you can show potential clients your work in person. Since potential clients can’t visit your website in person from a magazine feature, it’s important to promote your print press features online. If you’re interested in getting help landing print press features, contact our PR team today!

Online Press Features

Online press placements have many of their own benefits! What separates them from print press features is that online placements can often have direct return in the form of website traffic. A high end press placement on a top online outlet can drive real leads to your website – Yes, please!

Online features are also often shared on social media, including Instagram and Pinterest. Therefore, they’re most beneficial for brands that are trying to increase overall brand awareness and credibility. Because there are so many more online press features available, you can often have several more placements in a year vs. print features.

Our Petite PR and full-time wedding PR clients are featured online several times per month. So, to start getting your company published online, contact our team today!