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Many businesses know that both public relations and advertising are services that can add an incredible value to their company, but it can be difficult to understand the difference between the two! While both an advertising agency and a public relations firm can benefit your company overall, it’s important to see how each can help different areas of your business. As a long-standing expert PR company, we’re here to show you these differences to help you make the best decision for what your business needs.

Public Relations (PR) vs Advertising

While both advertising and public relations can play a major role in your brand’s outreach strategy, a public relations firm can help to cast a wider net of reach. Advertising tends to focus towards only your direct potential customers, whereas public relations campaigns try to reach anyone who could also reach your potential customers. This includes local and national media outlets and influencers of various sizes. It helps to create a second way to reach your potential clients by providing an indirect marketing strategy! Reaching your clients through multiple channels creates more opportunities to gain new customers and to keep their attention.

There are also differences in terms of credibility between advertising and public relations. Consumers tend to be apprehensive of believing advertisements – the thought process is “Of course you’re only going to tell us the positives, it’s your company!” However, PR campaigns are delivered through third parties like media outlets and influencers. Customers are more likely to accept messages coming from a third party because it seems more trustworthy for an outside source to recommend a product rather than a brand promoting its own product or service. PR firms can use their network of resources to ensure your message is received through trusted sources to guarantee you’re reaching your target market in the best ways possible.

Which One is Right for My Business?

Both services can help your business to achieve its marketing goals, they just approach them in different ways in how they reach out to your target market. A public relations firm can be one of your biggest assets, as they’ll make it their job to make sure your brand is seen by your target audience through trusted sources. With a customized plan based on your brand’s size, values, and goals, the right PR strategy can make all the difference in the world. If you’re ready to invest in your business and your brand’s marketing strategy, contact us today to see how we can create a PR campaign to reach your goals!