4 Ways Social Media Has Changed Wedding Planning

Wedding planners everywhere have had to adjust to the biggest game changer in their field: social media. With inspiration constantly flooding people’s social media feeds, and the ability for brides to share their story with thousands of people, it’s more important now than ever to understand how to use social media for wedding planning. Lucky for you, Be Inspired PR has all of the trade secrets to help you use social media to your advantage. We’re sharing the top 4 ways that social media has changed the wedding planning game for the better!

  1. Branded Weddings
    1. Weddings are the best reflection of a planner’s brand and what inspires their company, so social media provides a glimpse into your brand through real wedding posts! When you plan an event, you’re not just planning it for that client; it’s an opportunity to show future clients the incredible work you can do! By hiring us to help manage your social media, we can ensure that every post is an accurate reflection of you and your brand.
  2. Endless Inspiration
    1. Social media can provide a wealth of inspiration for brides and wedding planners. Social media is one of the easiest resources that brides are using to put together their vision of their big day. With the ability to search hashtags to find ideas, planners can look to their industry peers and idols to find the perfect creative motivation to inspire their clients!
  3. Sharing the Love Story
    1. When it comes time to share that special day with the world, social media is the quickest way to capture your audience and show off the incredible work that you do. Having assistance with your social media from an expert can help to ensure that you’re using the right strategies to show off those special love stories.
  4. High Expectations
    1. Social media has increased everyone’s event expectations! With the ability to scroll endlessly through the highest trending weddings, planners can see exactly what their clients are seeing to understand what they expect when they hire a planner and tell them their vision. With our assistance in creating a consistent and curated feed, your social media will tell future clients a story highlighting the work you do and the magic you create!

Stay Trending With A Wedding Publicist

Hiring a wedding publicist is the perfect way to ensure that your work is showcased in the most effective way to your current and future clients! With our success rate, it’s easy to see why Be Inspired PR is the perfect resource to help you to highlight your work to dazzle your audience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to stay trending on social media the help your wedding planning business grow and succeed!