Want To Get Your Event Published? - Be Inspired PR

Why do you need to get your event published? Hosting an event for your brand has a myriad of benefits. First, you can provide an in-person experience for your key audience. Consumers feel more attached to a brand they have a personal connection to. An event can help you create that connection! Second, you can create real-life buzz around your business. If you invite influencers and media to enjoy your event and (hopefully!) share on social media, you can reach a whole new audience.

These benefits are great, but what’s next? How do you keep up the momentum? The answer: Get your event published! When your event is published online, you continue the conversation long past the event day itself. There are a few important details you need to keep in mind if you want to get your event published.

Up first is photography! If you want your event to be published online, you must have strong professional photos of the event. Hire a photographer to capture all of the beautiful details you plan! Then, you’ll end up with strong content you can use to share your event online.

Next, you must have strong design details. A few cocktail tables and bud vases won’t cut it! Think about ways to personalize the event to your brand. For example, a great photo backdrop or personalized stir sticks can set your design apart!

Finally, it might be worth investing in a PR firm if you want to get your event featured. For instance, an event PR firm will have relationships with media outlets that can share photos from your event. As a result, they’ll likely have better success in pitching your event.

We’d love to help! So, send us an email today. Our event PR team can help you plan, produce, and get your event featured.