Instagram Management Firm - Be Inspired PR

At a certain point, most companies look into outsourcing their social media management. Hiring an Instagram management firm can allow you to focus on your clients and your business! However, not all social media firms are created equal. It’s important to find an agency that’s a good fit for you and your brand.

Pay Attention To Brand Voice

One of the first things to look for in a social media management firm is a strong brand voice! Pay attention to the way they communicate on their website, via email, and on their own social media channels. If you identify with their brand voice, there’s a good chance you’ll click with their account management team.

Another reason brand voice is important is that you want to be confident they’ll be able to represent your company well. A good social media management firm will curate a brand voice specifically for your account that speaks to your ideal audience. If they have a consistent brand voice throughout their own platforms, they’re more likely to deliver stronger results for their clients.

Ask To See Examples Of Their Work

Another helpful tip when looking for a good Instagram management firm is to ask to see examples of their work. Most successful firms are happy to share this information. If a company is hesitant to share their portfolio, it should be a red flag to you as a potential client! Peruse the examples they sent and pay attention to the type of content they share, how consistent they are, and how they utilize each client’s unique voice.

Read Accolades and Reviews

The last thing to do when looking for an Instagram management firm is to read reviews from current and past clients. Many companies will have these listed on their website! Multiple positive reviews are a great indicator of a strong social media firm.

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