engaging on instagram

When it comes to successful Instagram accounts, we usually think about the ones with the most followers. However, there is more to success than numbers. It’s better to have fewer quality followers instead of thousands of followers who do not engage with your posts at all. We’re here to explain why engaging on Instagram matters, and why you should make it a daily practice.

What Does Engagement Do?

For starters, engagement affects the visibility of your posts. Instagram users who are actively engaged are more likely to appear first on their followers’ feeds. Instagram prioritizes content that it believes you want to see. Posting consistently strong content helps! This is important because it can lead to more profile impressions and overall awareness of your brand. More awareness = more potential traffic and sales.

Additionally, engaging on Instagram daily because it helps establish connections with your followers and other like-minded professionals. One of the biggest perks to social media is being able to communicate in real-time with your audience, so why not utilize it? It is a social platform after all! Use Instagram to develop real relationships, and you’ll see your business grow.

You can establish real relationships with other Instagram users by posting interactive and quality content. Your posts should be visually appealing and spark conversations with your followers. One way to achieve this is by asking your followers questions. Get their opinions and have them contribute to the conversation. You will be able to learn what they are interested in and respond to their feedback!

Lastly, engagement is important because it can lead to potential future collaborations. Collaborating on projects and being tagged in other users’ posts will likely expand your audience reach and hopefully lead to more followers!

What If I Don’t Have Time?

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