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Public Relations is a dynamic and ever-changing need for clients. We take a custom approach to every client’s needs, depending on their goals. Be Inspired PR's expertise includes print, online and TV press pitches, photo shoot collaborations, branding, event management, social media training and management, partnership negotiation and advising on advertisement opportunities, among others.

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Social media is no longer an afterthought. It’s an essential marketing tool - and sometimes THE most important - for any brand. Having an authentic brand identity and presence is a must for increasing awareness and business growth. However, we know the task of posting beautiful and strategic content daily on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (with more coming every day it seems!), can be overwhelming. Be Inspired PR can help!

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Be Inspired PR uses a unique approach to build authentic event experiences for companies, brands, and influencers. By partnering with the best designers, planners, and photographers in the industry, we can bring your vision to life with creative installations and true-to-brand activations for guests and potential customers.